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Kyle Branche

 et al.

Each night you brace yourself for that moment of the evening when the pace of activity behind the bar shifts from a comfortable cruise-control to pedal-to-the- metal overdrive. In anticipation, you’ve prepped during the shift’s quiet time so you can deliver your best-selling cocktail with ease. But what quality of drink will you be serving?

Although chef and food service uniforms are steeped in tradition, today's chef uniforms are anything but customary. Gone are the 19th century chef whites, as they are replaced by looks that reflect modern needs, individual personality, and branding.

Geographically, Latin cuisine covers an enormous stretch of the globe. But philosophically, it can be reduced to one simple idea: flavor definition. At least that is what Guillermo Pernot, chef-owner of Cuba Libre restaurants believes and strives to achieve. When it comes to Latin food, he claims, “Cooks tend to overdo, rather than allowing the essence of foods to peek through . . .

There was a time when wars were fought, continents discovered, and fortunes made all in the pursuit of spices. This is what it is like in Chef Floyd Cardoz’s kitchen. His kitchen is a veritable court of flavor, spices gain a fine measure of their former glory, as well as much of their old-world appearance.

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Nine months ago Salim Ismail, Co-founder and Executive Director of Singularity University, encouraged a selected group of Spanish businessmen to turn Barcelona into “the Silicon Valley of food”

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M.F.K. Fisher Awards Recognizing Excellence in Culinary Writing Worldwide Professional Culinary Women’s Organization Awards $2,000 to Women Food Writers

No one could taste the more than 120 fine tequilas on the menu on a three-day jaunt to exclusive Las Alamandas.  But how about sampling 5 different tequilas of your choice each day, plus a special dinner with tequila-based dishes?