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The May Issue of Sante Magazine is Published and Available to Read Via The Web



In Gaelic, it’s Sláinte!
In Czech, it’s Na zdraví!
In Norwegian, it’s Skål!
And of course, in French, Santé!

Literally translated, all these toasts mean, to your health. Every language on this planet offers a similar sentiment when raising a glass. Being of sound mind and body is the definition of health, but this toast implies so much more.

If one possesses good health, one should celebrate. That’s what we at Santé plan to do. Today, we’re celebrating the launch of the digital reboot of the print version of Santé. Unlike other online magazines, our landscape format is designed to be read on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, and our Santé app will give notification whenever a new issue is published. Like it’s predecessor, the online version will address issues unique to the up-market restaurant trade. From food trends to staffing issues, every feature is designed to help the serious restaurant professional learn, grow, and become more successful.

Our first digital issue offers lessons from Harvest, a Cambridge, Massachusetts culinary institution which has fostered brilliant talent for over forty years. Our pictorial Rosé Takes Flight, along with results from Rosé Today’s recent competition where an all-star panel judged two-hundred-thirty-nine entries, showcase this fast-growing category of wine. We’ve got advice about how not to get sued, suggestions on lightening-up menu offerings, a book review, a conference recap, and so much more.

We want to hear from you! If you’ve got an idea for a story, pitch me. If I like it, I’ll help you develop it for publication. Try your hand at writing a book review. Next issue’s selection is CORK DORK by Bianca Bosker. Submit your review of 500 words or less by August 4th to Make sure to put Book Review in the subject line.

The restaurant industry is peopled with passionate souls who appreciate the importance of food, wine, service, and, of course, celebration. Come celebrate with us! À Votre Santé!

Deborah Norkin
Editorial Director

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Great job! The launch of the digital reboot of the print version of Santé was great and I am a fan. You are doing a good job. I may have an idea for a story so maybe I will pitch something to you in a near future. Cheers, Amy

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