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The November / December '17 Issue of Sante Is Published



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Stepping onto the floor at a large industry conference can be overwhelming. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of people scurry in every direction. In exhibition halls, importers, distributors, and entrepreneurs of every variety vie for attendee’s attention with free gifts, samples, and, because we are in the food industry, lots of tasty treats.


Seeing the latest products is, of course, important. Eating twelve different kinds of chocolate, sipping wine from every continent, and attending educational seminars are also important. For me, however, the aspect of conferences I most enjoy is the opportunity to get face-to-face with those who share my passion for food and service. There is no better way to take the temperature of our industry than to have real, live conversations with people who are in the trenches every single day and learn what they need to know to make them successful. In a perfect world, everyone could attend a conference or two a year to reap the benefits of all there is to see. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the time, or the money, to attend every conference that might interest us. That’s why we cover them for you.


In this issue, Shana Clarke reports on the 2017 TexSom Conference and Competition. She  covers the conference and speaks to current and past winners of the competition with insight into why they underwent the challenging process.


This issue has much more than the conference story! Brian Van Flanderm, America’s Mixologist from the Food Network gives tips on creating perfect warm cocktails for cold winter nights. Leadership guru Rudy Miick breaks down what it takes to turn around a floundering restaurant. In “Making the Table Bigger, Cara Strickland reports on Big Table, a non-profit dedicated to helping people in the hospitality industry. I had the extreme pleasure of covering one of Boston’s hottest new restaurants, Cultivar, and it’s talented chef, Mary Dumont, on her journey from Chef to Chef/Owner.

With each issue, we hope to inform, educate, and entertain. As always, please send me your ideas and feedback.


A votré santé!

Deborah Norkin
Editorial Director

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