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Handling Health Inspections

In the restaurant industry people come in and out the door all day, but one special visitor seems to grab attention more so than others, the health inspector.

The name in some circles is spoken in a quiet hush, but this person assigned by the organization regulating food safety in your state is no one to fear.
In fact by following these simple tips you can ensure your health inspection goes smoothly.

Greet him at the door - The health inspector is not your enemy, but instead your ally in the battle against foodborne illness. By greeting him with open arms and being calm you establish a positive relationship with the inspector.

Don’t offer food or drink - Offering an inspector food or drink can appear to be a stall tactic, or even worse a bribe. The inspector is at your establishment to complete a job. Let him get right to work.

Accompany the inspector - Walking with your inspector as he investigates your restaurant shows your interest in food safety. It allows you to questions about violations and areas for improvement. Often inspectors will also give positive feedback.

Take notes - The simple act of taking notes further demonstrates your interest. A person who is truly interested in food safety may find some extra forgiveness from an inspector.

Have Records Handy - The inspector will often ask for your records of temperature checks and other food safety measures. Be sure to have these records organized and immediately avalible. IoT devices improve kitchen technology and demonstrate your dedication to food safety.

Know Food Safety - The inspector will often ask questions regarding food safety best practices. To ensure not only you, but your employees know the answers you should conduct continual training in your place of employment.

Fix Violations Immediately - If an inspector points out a critical violation, remedy the situation immediately. If the violation cannot be corrected then set a time frame for a fix, as the inspector will return.

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