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Highlights of 2019

A Rich World of Hospitality, Brought to you by Santé
two glasses with sparkling wine and Rosemary garnish.
Photo by Nora Schlesinger on Unsplash
Photo by Nora Schlesinger on Unsplash

2019 was a stellar year for Santé as we continued to give you industry-relevant content through an expanded syndication network. In 2019 Santé reached over 1.5 million followers with articles and podcasts. We now publish online, via email, on Apple News, Google News, and Restaurateur Connection. We are on every social media platform.

Enjoy this highlight of 2019 as we look forward to serving you in 2020.

We covered food styling (Styling with One Eye on the Prize), making the best use of ingredients, (Bennington Bites: DiBuono Ravioli), and delighting in fresh abundance (Summer Salads - The Joy of Feta)

We explored the changing nature of hospitality as in Chef Ric Orlando's discovery of the unfortunate decline of highway dining in Straws are the tip of the iceberg and the threat of tariffs to our industry with Pushing Back on Tariffs

We explored restaurant trends as in Dining with Musical Benefits
, the joys of great service with 5 Sure-Fire Suggestions - Foodservice at its Finest, Bennington Bites: Garam Garam Pop Up at Pangaea, and Mistral's in Manchester: French Fine Dining in a Beautiful Setting.

We delved into ingredients with Sage Ways With Spice, and Celebrate the Holidays with Cheese and some spectacular recipes such as Chef Ric Orlando's Luscious Latkes Featured on BEAT BOBBY FLAY (and They Won)! and A Fine Corned Beef in a Bit of a Brogue.

We explored the rich abundance of the supply side of our industry with wine reviews, such as The Weekly Dozen - Bubble Night, and Exploring The Franken Wine Region. And introduced bar techniques such as What Is an Añejo Rum? and CLASSIC COCKTAILS WITH A TWIST.

Our Awards program restarted this year, celebrating the achievements of women in food, wine and spirits.

We reviewed thousands of products in our wine and spirits review sections and blogs, and shared the Recommended and Gold Star products with thousands of followers on social media.

Learning about and improving our guests' experience cannot be complete without a look at the international hospitality experience. From Savoring a Taste of Vail and exploring Rioja with A Taste of Spain: Travel, Food and Wine Writing Class in Rioja, and Planet Grape Wine Review's Top Ten Proseccos as the Region Looks to Quality.

In 2019 we also enhanced our podcast offerings with The Connected Table, and Ric Orlando's One Million String Beans, and video with Catherine Fallis and Deborah Parker Wong. Look forward to a larger collection of audios and videos in 2020.

This is just a tip of the iceberg of what we published in 2019. Every week we have provided you with the insights that will make your table fresh and exciting no matter where your guests come from!

As we ring in the new year, I hope that you will share the richness of Santé with your friends and colleagues to help us share the knowledge by which we all strive to restore (restaurer) our health. It is a mission that started with the French Revolution when the first modern restaurant was started and thankfully allows everyone today to enjoy in its bounty. Happy 2020!

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