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With quality products tailored to foodies, Beyond Meat offers the perfect opportunity to gift a culinary must-have this holiday season.

Spirits and fortified wines provide slow sipping satisfaction for the holidays.

Whether dining alone, with family or on Zoom, here are a five wines that will pair beautifully with any holiday meal.

Green Walnut Liqueur Returns for the Season and is Featured in Two New Ready-To-Drink Bottled Cocktails.

Casa Donoso was created 30 years ago by a group of French investors who saw the potential of this unique terroir. They made it their mission to focus on the production of premium wines from the onset. They were among the first foreign investors to introduce modern technology to the winemaking industry in Chile. In 2014 the Selume family, a national group, took over. Felipe said, “They continue to follow the line of quality in the wines. We have a French heritage from the beginning as well as a new world winemaking vision, which allows us to generate high-level wines. Casa Donoso is a classic and elegant concept in the Maule Valley.”

A clean and flavorful blanco tequila. Light citrus on the nose. Excellent balance with no harshness. Finishes with creamy vanilla on the palate.

Aged 5 years in American and French oak barrels. Aromatic honey on the nose followed by delightfully smooth butterscotch on the palate. Wrapped in a beautiful bottle, this is an exceptional extra Añejo tequila.

Light straw in the glass. Citrus notes on the nose. Enjoy the slightly effervescent flavors of melon, green apple, and honey on the palate. Its medium body goes well with charcuterie or light white fish.

Wines that appeal to our frugality and those that appeal to our connoisseur tastes.

A first look at sparkling wines, mostly Californian, for the holidays.

The official champagne of the National Basketball Players Association partners with Thirstie Inc. to build an innovative “DTC” purchase option for consumers on the Cheurlin website.

Lovely white wines for under $20 from Vinho Verde region to drink all year long.

The flavors of pear take you from summer to everyone's fall favorite, pumpkin pie, all in one cocktail by Amy Pasquet.

As we poke our communal heads out from our protective burrows, we look for answers to how to emerge safely. Here are some solutions ranging from Antibody tests, to air scrubbers and remote kitchens!

Most wines are good - but the really good ones grab our attention.

On a crisp fall evening, this is the cocktail you may want to have in your glass.

We are bringing the Santé Symposium back, online, using virtual reality! It's an opportunity to meet old friends, make new ones, and learn from the masters. Dale DeGroff, King Cocktail, and Hendrick's Gin, will present "The Evolution of the Martini" on November 9th., 1:00 PM EST. REGISTER NOW TO RESERVE A SEAT.

Restaurateur Aaron Gordon brings Peter Smith on board to help meet diners’ needs during the pandemic at a new multi-restaurant “chef collective” in Washington D.C.

You're never too old to trick or treat! All it takes are the right "goodies" for your trick or treat bag!

Don't know what to drink? You can make up your mind here.

This fall cocktail is a perfect accompaniment for dessert or as an after-dinner drink while contemplating the change of seasons.

Sweetly herbaceous on the nose, this amaro has a smooth, creamy texture and provides rich flavors of licorice and anise on the palate. Distilled from an ancient recipe of herbs and spices, it performs well as an aperitif or cocktail ingredient.

Pouring a glass of Alizé Mango releases a bouquet of creamy mango and passion fruit aromas. A sip does not betray the premium French vodka base but reveals additional sweet tropical flavors. There is no alcohol burn or alcohol smell as you continue to savor the rich tropical fruits. Refreshing neat or in cocktails.

Deep red, this cassis delivers a fresh blackcurrant bouquet. Its solid texture provides a suffusion of currant flavors on the palate. Adds texture, color, and rich blackcurrant flavors to cocktails.