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Spirits and fortified wines provide slow sipping satisfaction for the holidays.

Whether dining alone, with family or on Zoom, here are a five wines that will pair beautifully with any holiday meal.

Casa Donoso was created 30 years ago by a group of French investors who saw the potential of this unique terroir. They made it their mission to focus on the production of premium wines from the onset. They were among the first foreign investors to introduce modern technology to the winemaking industry in Chile. In 2014 the Selume family, a national group, took over. Felipe said, “They continue to follow the line of quality in the wines. We have a French heritage from the beginning as well as a new world winemaking vision, which allows us to generate high-level wines. Casa Donoso is a classic and elegant concept in the Maule Valley.”

Wines that appeal to our frugality and those that appeal to our connoisseur tastes.

A first look at sparkling wines, mostly Californian, for the holidays.

Lovely white wines for under $20 from Vinho Verde region to drink all year long.

You're never too old to trick or treat! All it takes are the right "goodies" for your trick or treat bag!

Don't know what to drink? You can make up your mind here.

Slowly but surely women are making their presence known in the wine industry by assuming important roles from operations management and business development to winemaker and winery owner. 

What could be better fall drinking than California Pinots, Cabs and Merlots?

Many wine bottles are too pretty to throw out. So, enjoy the wine and then get creative with the empty bottle!

Think of them as dependable, always good, sometimes spectacular.

A few tasty treats from Loire Valley to pair with your next meal!

A vinous light at the edge of the autumnal tunnel leading to winter's darkness.


We are celebrating women winemakers all over the world! Here are some of our top picks from importer Winesellers, Ltd.


Join me on a trip to Valdobbiadene to taste the finest Prosecco made!

A couple of exotic whites, but mainly Cabs and Pinots from the West Coast.

From France and from California, a selection of our two favorite white varieties.

Included in this week's Dozen, wines from regions now under threat of fires.

Rioja wines that will please the palate any time of the year.

Celebrate International Albariño Day this weekend with your favorite bottle of this fresh, crisp, dry Spanish white or visit Lodi and try top California versions! 

A few bubbles and a pink, but otherwise not a selection for wimpy drinkers.

Sonoma County’s Breathless Wines, owned and run by three sisters, was born out of a desire to honor their mother who passed away from a rare lung disease.

Sone non-wine choices as well as the launch of a new Bordeaux classic white.