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The Holidays Have Arrived. So Have We!

The holidays have arrived and it’s time to relax with friends and family, enjoy our favorite food and drink, and take a deep breath. After working hard all year, this is a time to reflect on past achievements and chart the course of where we want to go in the New Year.

The hospitality industry is filled with people who are passionate about what they do and highly skilled in their speciality – whether that be creating as a chef, running a restaurant, mixing drinks, producing a brandy, managing public relations, or promoting and distributing food and beverage products.

When Santé Magazine was founded in 1996, its mission was to help restaurants grow but more than that, it was about forming a community around hospitality that included all of the producers, distributors, and managers of this business. This community shared their knowledge so that everyone could be elevated to better standards.

In 2019, we evolved to take this mission to a new level! We have been renewing relationships and expanding our roster of writers to over 100 contributors. We have expanded our content reach to include major syndication sources such as Apple News and Restaurateur Connection which now reaches tens of thousands of restaurateurs every week. We have expanded our media content to include podcasts and video.

For 2020, not only will we be doubling down on content development and curation, but we will be increasing our lead generating capacity so that suppliers to the industry will see a more direct relationship between advertising and sales. Stay tuned for more details.

In the meantime, I would like to wish you all a heart-felt Happy Holidays from the Santé team. It is time to sit back, take that deep breath and celebrate your hard work and high standards. See you in 2020!

A Votre Santé
Emiliano De Laurentiis

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