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Naughty or Nice in 2020 at 2941 Restaurant

Whether embracing 2020 alcohol-free or staying true to one's tempting habits, 2941 Restaurant, nestled in the heart of Falls Church, Virginia, is offering a collection of "Vice & Virtue" cocktails to kick-off the new decade. The menu, created by Bar Manager Nikki Drake, features themed beverages for all imbibers.

Santé will be posting this collection of cocktails on our sister site, MixologyGURU™, where you can chat with a bot and find your favorite cocktails based on name, ingredient, or flavor profile. You will also be able to find these recipes on social media. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Of course, if you're anywhere near Falls Church, it behooves you to make a reservation at 2941 and have these delicious cocktails prepared for you at their bar.

The first recipe we will present is Temptation 9.
Created by Bar Manager, Nikki Drake at 2941 Restaurant in Fall Church, VA. This drink is inspired by what might happen if the classic Rosita cocktail had a baby with a beet salad. Beet lends the tequila a rich earthy flavor, as well as a deep red hue, and the zesty citrus flavors in the vermouth balance that funk. Spirit-forward and silky, with an earthy bitter finish.

Get the recipe here.

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