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A Taste of Bertani Wines

It’s that time of year again for putting up seasonal decorations, attending holiday parties, buying an appropriate gift for the host/hostess and shopping for presents which seems to get more challenging as the years go by. Needless to say, it can be quite stressful.

However, when it comes to buying gifts for the wine lovers and spirits drinkers on my list, I always have fun picking out just the right bottle or two for each recipient. And thanks to Bertani winery, shopping just got a little easier for me. Bertani produces a variety of world-class wines that will impress and please anyone’s palate. I recently received four samples of assorted wines from this iconic wine producer.

Photo credit: Penny Weiss

The brothers Giovan Battista and Gaetano Bertani founded Bertani Winery in 1857 in Quinto di Valpantena, north of Verona in the region of Veneto, Italy. With their winemaking talent, quality wine, business acumen and innovation, the brothers quickly distinguished themselves throughout the winemaking area of Verona. Their drive for quality and continuous improvement in the vineyards and winery were passed on from generation to generation. In 2011 another family-owned company of Tuscan wineries bought Bertani, but management and operations are kept separately.

Bertani has over 200 hectares of vineyards in the most ideal areas of Verona province. In all of Italy, the highest number of DOC wines originates from here and it is famous worldwide for wines such as Valpolicella, Soave and Amarone. Bertani has two historic wineries, one in Grezzana and the other in Arbizzano di Negrar. The map below illustrates the territories where their vineyards are.

Map courtesy of Bertani

Soave Vintage Edition DOC 2016
This wine is made with 100% Garganega grapes harvested from vineyards in the Soave hills. The area has a mild climate with very complex soils of calcareous origin and clay-loam texture and is rich in organic matter. All of this contributes to making full-bodied wines with elegant fruity notes and longevity. Aging takes place on the lees in concrete vats covered with glass bricks. This historic container allows for a slow and gradual aging process.

Photo credit: Penny Weiss

Heavenly floral aromas are accompanied by stone fruit, apricot and a hint of savory. Stone fruit continues onto the palate with melon, vibrant acidity and a touch of minerality. Floral and peach linger on the palate for a long finish. This wine is complex and bursting with personality. Serve as an aperitif or pair with seafood, white meat and spicy Asian cuisine.
Alcohol:  12.5%
SRP:  $30.99

Secco Bertani Original Vintage Edition 2015
This wine is a magical blend of 80% different varieties of original Corvina clones, 10% Sangiovese Grosso and 5% each of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Grapes are sourced from vineyards in the hills surrounding the historic Bertani estate in Grezzana, in the Valpantena DOC. There is a significant difference in the temperature range between day and night with long sun exposure during the day, resulting in high-quality fruit production. The soil is composed of calcareous-marl that contains large amounts of iron giving the wines spicy, mineral notes. This Vintage Edition is made by recreating the old recipe, style and taste from the first Secco Bertani vintage in 1857. The wine was aged for 12 months in traditional Veronese cherry and chestnut barrels made from local wood.

Photo credit: Penny Weiss

Lovely aromas of raspberry, sweet cherry, baking spices and a hint of herbs and pepper are the intro to this vibrant wine. The palate offers sour cherry, cranberry, red plum and spice. This is a luscious wine with medium tannins and a long finish of pepper, cherry and mineral notes. Serve with meats, stew, pasta and appetizers.
Alcohol:  13.5%
SRP:  $25.99

Valpolicella Ripasso DOC 2016
This is a blend of 85% Corvina Veronese, 10% Merlot and 5% Rondinella. Grapes are sourced from the hills of Valpantena and Valpolicella Classica areas. The soil is composed mainly of calcareous-marl that is volcanic and rich in iron. Ripasso is made using a very old winemaking practice called the “ripasso method”. The young Valpolicella wine is re-passed over grape skins used in Amarone production. This method gives the freshness of the Valpolicella and the dried grapes introduce rich and concentrated flavors of chocolate and sour cherry to the wine. It is aged for nine months in French oak barrels.

Photo credit: Penny Weiss

The nose offers aromas of red and dark fruit, spice and herbs.
This is a tasty and complex wine with layers of cherry, red berries, anise, pepper and a hint of vanilla and nutmeg. It is well balanced with a delightfully long finish of fruit and savory. This wine can be served with many dishes such as creamy mushroom risotto, grilled meat, hearty stews and aged cheese.
Alcohol:  13.5%
SRP:  $25.99

Bertani Amarone Classico DOCG 2009
This wine is a traditional blend of 80% Corvina Veronese and 20% Rondinella sourced from the Tenuta Novare hills in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica area. Soils in Tenuta Novare range between clay, calcareous soils rich in iron and manganese and soils rich in basalt that helps to give Amarone its distinctive quality. Bertani has 550-acres of vineyards here that are devoted entirely to the production of Amarone. Bertani began making Amarone Classico in 1958 and their production methods and packaging have remained the same. Grapes are set aside to dry naturally on racks made of bamboo canes and they remain here for about 120 days until the grapes lose 60% of their water content. Slow fermentation takes place in concrete vats and the wine is then aged in Slavonian oak barrels for at least six years. Another 12 months of maturing is spent in the bottle before release.

Photo credit: Penny Weiss

This Amarone is opulent! It opens with intoxicating aromas of plum, cherry, baking spice and a hint of tea rose. The aromas spill onto the palate with layers of red berries, toasted nuts, anise, spice and a touch of vanilla. It is a beautiful integration of acidity and tannins that beg you to take another sip and savor every mouthful. This is an elegant wine that can be enjoyed on its own or pair it with red meat, white meat, game, risotto or aged cheese.
Alcohol:  15%
SRP:  $129.00

I hope that I have piqued your interest and perhaps when checking off your gift list for the holidays, you’ll treat yourself to a bottle of Bertani wine!

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