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The Weekly Dozen - A Cornucopia of Bubbles

Just as summer has become the season of rosés, winter has long been the season of sparkling wines, even though we should be drinking both the year around.

This week we feature 13 from a half-dozen countries in various styles from various grapes, and with prices ranging from $13 to $83, there is something for everyone.

NV Francois Montand France Blanc de Blanc Brut ($13). Light on the bubbles, but with crisp finishing acidity.

NV Zardetto “Private Cuvee” Spumate Brut ($13). Creamy with flavors of apple and vanilla and a tart finish.

NV Bisol “Jeio” Valdobiaddene Prosecco Supériore Brut ($15). The entry level sparkling from this quality Prosecco producer (more coming below), it is a little buttery, a little creamy with good intensity and mouth feel.

NV Castell de Vilarnau “Barcelona” Rosé Delicat Reserva ($15). Crisp, clean aromas and flavors of tart apples with a tangy finish – enjoyable.

2017 Bisol “Crede” Valdobiaddene Prosecco Supériore ($21). Very elegant, with flavors of dried grains and fresh-cut apples.

NV Sterling Vineyards California Rosé ($22). Refreshing with nice depth of flavors of crisp cherries and good minerality.

2016 Szigeti Austria Pinot Noir Sekt Rosé Brut ($22). Nice aromas, tight and tart cherry tastes with minerally, metallic finish.

NV Jansz Tasmania Premium Cuvee ($26). Full-bodied, tart cherry flavors with some creaminess and some candied notes.

2014 Barone Pizzini “Saten” Franciacorta ($37). Very good intensity, tart apple flavor, refreshing finish, long on the palate.

2013 Bisol “Private Cartizze” Valdobiaddene Dry Prosecco ($39). Loads of flavors that aged bubblies bring – dried fruits and straw – with green acidity, almost like an elegant table wine with bubbles.

2018 Bisol “Cartizze” Valdobiaddene Prosecco Supériore Dry ($40). Delicious and elegant with ripe fruit and slightly candied notes – very enjoyable, very well-structured.

2015 Juvé y Camps Gran Reserva Cava Brut Nature ($43). Lean, a little gamey in a very pleasant way and a little savory – complex and refreshing.

2013 Ayala Le Blanc de Blancs Champagne ($83). Crisp lemon flavors, light carbon notes, fine bubbles – delicious.

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