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Chardonnay, the perfect breakfast wine. That is according to some winemakers, who drink it while dipping their toes in the stream and eating bacon and eggs. I like it with buttermilk fried chicken, a lobster roll or a Cobb Salad as well. Each year, this happy grape gets its own day. This year it is Thursday, May 21st, right ahead of, for some, an unprecedented Shelter in Place Memorial Day Weekend. Whatever your circumstances, take a look at some of our favorites from the team at Planet Grape Wine Review, including several from Jackson Family Wines tasted virtually with their super engaging educator, Master Sommelier Thomas Price.” Happy dipping!


Catherine Fallis

An array of pleasant wines mostly under $30 for everyday drinking.

Roger Morris

Grab a wine glass and let't travel to Ron Rubin Winery!

Penny Weiss

Eden Rift wines are a reason to re-examine this historic California valley.

Roger Morris

As a category, rosés have more in common than do most types of wine.

Roger Morris

Mother’s Day is here and we know where we will be celebrating – at home! Why not make the best of it with a few well-selected wines that are sure to please the mom in your life or in your customer list – add any of these easily available wines to a curbside pick-up or delivery box.

The consensus here at Planet Grape Wine Review was to include a few brunch friendly esoteric and lighter whites as well as several fine and feminine Pinot Noirs, one of them a special selection by panelist Dr. Liz Thach, Master of Wine.

Catherine Fallis

Mothers have favorites. Their favorite pie, perfume and presents. If they drink alcohol, they also have preferences. Here is a wrap up of diverse drinks that may please her during the quarantine.

Deborah Grossman

The “We’re In This Together” mentality has enabled food producers to serve those in need with kindness through community outreach programs.

Stacey Sears

As spring wafts right in, we do some counter-programming with a case of reds, including a couple of Portos.

Roger Morris