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Newcomer Acre Mezcal Earns Double Gold at The San Francisco World Spirits Competition + 3 Silvers

At the 20th Annual San Francisco Spirits Competition, held on March 13th, 2020, newcomer Acre Mezcal scored big earning the competition’s highest honor of “Double Gold” for its Cenizo Mezcal, while the brands other three varietals all earned Silver.

The recently released results from the blind tasting by a panel of industry leaders, including competition founder Anthony Dias Blue, evaluate almost 3000 entries across every spirit category from all around the world. Only 275 of those 3000 (less than 10%) earned Double Gold.

Acre’s Double Gold Award-Winning Cenizo Mezcal, produced in Durango, Mexico by the Burciaga family, is pretty special. The wild Cenizo plant, which grows in abundance throughout the Durango region, has sustained the Burciaga family for decades. The “Double Gold” is really a testament to the family’s stringent production methods. Although Jorge mostly produces his Cenizo using traditional methods, there are a few family secrets that make the Mezcal extra special. For starters, Jorge only uses natural spring water ensuring it is as pure as possible. After roasting the agave, the fibers (or bagasse) are crushed manually by axe. This extremely labor intensive step allows for uniformity in the size of the agave fibers and a balanced fermentation process leading to a consistently perfected product. All of the Burciaga’s hard work can be tasted with every sip.

Newly coming to market in early 2020 beginning with California, Acre Mezcal is the passion project of 28 year-old Jordan Haddad and the two founders of Cabo’s natural oasis Acre Resort. After being repeatedly inspired by the grounded, natural beauty of the property,  Haddad joined forces with the resort’s founders to create a Mezcal brand that captures the same Mexican authenticity, spiritual connection to nature and appreciation for life that the property evokes. The three partners set out to source the best small-batch Mezcaleros who have perfected their craft throughout the most rural and beautiful regions of Mexico. The result is a collection of four varietals (Espadín, Cenizo, Tobala, Tepextate) showcasing the versatility and the beauty of the agave plant handcrafted in Oaxaca and Durango, Mexico.
The judges at the 2020 San Francisco Spirits Competition recognized that every bottle of Acre Mezcal is an uncompromising reflection of the creators’ heritage and the land from which they came. The producers have been sustainably living off of the agave plant for four generations using the same artisanal methods that have been passed down from generation to generation guided by a love of Agave and a respect for the process. That process earned these coveted awards.

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Double Gold
Acre Mezcal Cenizo ($60) has almost no smoke. The agave is wild and the product has a medium nose and complex taste with a light, smooth finish. The flavor contains an earthy texture and even a slightly lactic smell. Double Gold medal winner at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Acre Mezcal Espadín ($50) is farmed locally and has a medium nose with floral notes as well as hints of smoked agave, pineapple and lime. Slightly spicy upon first sip with a light finish. It includes a bit of sweetness due to the maturity and slow cooking of the agave. Silver medal winner at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Acre Mezcal Tobala ($100) is harvested from the wild and has a medium nose that is soft on the palate with a sweet and fresh touch. The flavor is herbal and earthy, with notes of chocolate and tobacco and a smoky finish. Silver medal winner at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Acre Mezcal Tepextate ($150): the agave is harvested from the wild at 25 years old producing floral, herbal and root aromas, medium on the nose with the fresh flavor of sweet and citric notes. Silver medal winner at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.