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Pr%f Awards Puts Focus on Emerging and Established Spirits Brands and Wine in 2020.

The PR%F Awards, an international & domestic spirits brand competition is now open for registration. Designed to award accolades to many emerging brands & established favorites, the PR%F Awards platform brings visibility to its spirits brands with a “buyers only” judging platform and partnership with F&B’s leading industry & lifestyles publication, Food and Beverage Magazine.

The PR%F Awards private judging competition will take place July 26-27, 2020 in Las Vegas with a prestigious panel of experts, regarded as top of their trade in the spirits & wine industries. Each judge plays a key role as top decision-makers for distribution, retail and purchasing.

PR%F Awards 2020 has now extended its beverage collection of categories to include wines and sparkling wines. To enter the PR%F Awards 2020, visit

“We are pleased to announce the annual PR%F Awards competition is set for July 2020 in Las Vegas,” said Michele D. Tell, executive director of PR%F Awards. “We listened to what our entrants wanted, and many asked for us to extend our categories to include wine. In 2020, PR%F Awards will offer a selection of wine categories that will be tasted by a panel of wine-buyer judges as we continue to create and honor the world’s top beverages with our 100-point PR%F Awards proprietary judging system,” she said.

The sequestered and private judging process will host a double-blind tasting for the preliminary rounds (bronze, silver, gold, double-gold, Century) all the way to the final sweepstakes round which determines our top winners in each main category. All 100-point perfect scoring brands will become an honored recipient of the PR%F Century Award and will join the established PR%F Award’s Family of Century Award-Perfect Scores from 2019 – Hardy Legend 1863; Michel Couvreur Candid; Galliano Aperitivo; Anna’s Kitchen Shrub Apple-Cider-Ginger; and Anna’s Kitchen Shrub Cranberry-Mint.

PR%F Awards Design Distinction will be held simultaneously - on its own awards platform - featuring artists and creative judges and lead by Pop Culture Worldwide Artist Michael Godard - to honor the best and most creative, powerful labels, packaging and point-of-sale creative for the beverage industry.

“Last year’s event featured our judges – all buyers from 14 different states across the US, activating many amazing spirits placements following the PR%F Awards program – such as PR%F Award 100-point perfect scoring Hardy Legend 1863 being placed on all Delta Sky Club menus worldwide,” said Michael S. Politz, publisher/founder of Food and Beverage Magazine, the presenting sponsor of PR%F Awards. “In addition, Damrak Gin, a silver medal winner, also highlighted on the Delta Sky Club menus. To name a few of the PR%F Awards winners that moved forward into the marketplace, Dented Brick, Snowy River Cocktails, Third Eye Blind’s Stephen Jenkins’s Tequila Summer Gods and many more, found their way into distributors across the country. We are committed to not only bringing visibility to emerging spirits in our beverage industry, we are also opening doors to put these brands onto shelves and into the hands of consumers,” said Politz.

“Last year we saw an influx of tequila, flavored whiskeys and canned cocktails enter the PR%F Awards,” said Politz. “This year the trends not only point again to canned cocktails, whiskeys and tequila, but also Cachaca, Rums, Pisco, Shochu, Baiju and Mezcal should make a huge mark in the spirits world. It’s exciting to be on the forefront of tomorrow’s top sellers and the emerging sought-after skews in the spirits industry,” he said.

The 2020 PR%F Awards is presented by Food & Beverage Magazine. The medal winners will be announced and showcased in several upcoming issues of Food & Beverage Magazine. 

About The PR%F Awards and PR%F Awards Design Distinctions
The PR%F Awards is the premiere spirits awards program held annually in Las Vegas. Corporate headquarters: 10845 Griffith Peak Drive, Floor 2, Las Vegas, Nev 89135 1-888-959-7260