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Santé VR Symposium

Many remember the Santé Restaurant Symposium for the camaraderie, the education, and the discovery of exciting hospitality products and practices. We are bringing this back online in 2020 using virtual reality!

The Santé VR Symposium will transport you around the world, bringing you fresh ideas to enhance the success of your restaurant or bar.

We’ll take you behind the scenes, to restaurants, vineyards, and distilleries and introduce you to trending products and management solutions.

Meet some of the top influencers in the world!

LEARN from the experts. Enter a safe, beautiful virtual reality world where we bring the experts to you. Tour their world. 
EXPERIENCE live tastings with tasting kits sent to your home. Get behind-the-scenes views of restaurants, wineries and distilleries.
APPLY this knowledge to your hospitality business and thrive!


The Santé VR Symposium is a completely immersive, interactive technology you can access with a standard browser (no special software needed). You can also use VR goggles for a hands-free visit.

REACH your audience in real-time.

PROMOTE your products with presentations and demos.

SELL by offering special event incentives.

SAVE time and cost of travel, booth space and other expenses.

You can stream your video image and have a custom avatar (as shown below). You can speak and interact with people anywhere in the world to learn about their products and services.

Soon language will not be a barrier. We will be introducing simultaneous speech-to-text language translations so the presenter’s speech will appear in captions in your language.



The Santé VR Symposium exhibit space is an ongoing expo of diverse products and deals in one place. You can interact live with visitors as often as you like.

We provide free advice on how to optimize your success with the Santé VR Symposium.

Keep your products on display for one month or longer. Visitors can watch your videos and access information via a link to your website. You can conduct daily streaming video presentations and live demos - the only limit is your imagination.



Our audience consists of social media influencers, restaurateurs, importers, distributors, PR professionals, and wine, spirits, and food producers.

We have expanded our reach via social media and syndication. In 2019, our content reached 1.5 million people. The top 15 of our followers have over 1 million followers. Currently, our channels include:

  • Santé website
  • eMail newsletter
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • FaceBook
  • LinkedIn
  • Restaurateur Connection
  • Google News
  • Apple News

Information about the Santé VR Symposium will be distributed weekly throughout our channels. Of course, you may invite as many people as you like and our regular programming will bring in streams of viewers.

The Santé VR Symposium is FREE FOR ATTENDEES (tasting kits sold separately).

Contact us to learn more and for sponsorship opportunities.

The Santé Symposium is always open. Enter it now to visit the space and see the booths. No special hardware or software is needed. There is no login. Just click below and you will be transported into the room!